Company Profile
M. Trew and Associates provides recruitment services to find the right person to meet your professional needs and for the best fit for your team and corporate environment. Our extensive search and evaluation process provides our clients with a cost-effective and dependable means of hiring quality individuals.

Finding the Right Candidate
We use the following methods for finding and recruiting candidates with the skills and experience our clients are looking for:

Our Database
We maintain an electronic database of highly skilled candidates that we use to search for a combination of key skills and experience to find suitable candidates for each position.

We will also directly recruit within your industry.  This allows us to identify the most suitable candidates available to fit your specific requirements.  These candidates are currently employed and only become available when approached by a recruiter offering new employment opportunities beneficial to their career.

Internet Recruiting
We post job openings with the top recruiting sites on the Internet and recruit candidates from several Internet-related sources.

Good candidates usually know and work with other highly skilled and experienced people.  Referrals from our pre-screened candidates are one of the most effective ways of recruiting other prospective candidates, many of whom may not be actively searching for new opportunities.

Newspaper Advertising
We place employment ads in the classified section of newspapers most often read by prospective candidates.
Hiring people can seem like such a simple process: place an ad in the paper and choose the best candidate.  That is, until you’re flooded with resumes and phone calls from candidates that don’t have the skills or experience you’re looking for.

It can cost a company as much as $7,000 or more to place an ad.  In addition to the cost of placing an ad, your company incurs costs to screen resumes, interview candidates and check references - without any guarantee of finding the right person.

We understand that. That’s why we’ve developed a thorough screening and interview process - one that will save you time and money and ensure that we find the right match between your needs and the expectations of our candidates.  Our screening process is so rigorous that we place less than 10% of the candidates we interview.  Our recruitment process includes the following key steps:

Determining Your Needs
No two companies are the same.  A thorough understanding of your organization and human resource needs is one of the most important aspects of the recruitment process.  The more we know about your company and its corporate culture, the better able we are to meet your staffing and recruiting needs.  We spend the time to learn about your company, its culture and business goals.  We begin by identifying the key elements of the position as well as the important characteristics of the individual you are seeking.  We go beyond the technical skills and probe into personality traits, interpersonal skills and attitude because finding the right “fit” is as important as finding the right skills and experience.

Telephone Screening
Candidates are initially screened over the phone to obtain a first impression.  While speaking to potential candidates, we assess their personality as we question them about their experience and skill levels. 

Candidates who have met our telephone pre-screening requirements are invited to a face-to-face interview. During this interview we will determine what type of position they require, what career path they would like to follow, what type of company they are best suited for, as well as obtain detailed information about their work experience and skills.

Checking References
We conduct employment-related references prior to placement of a candidate.  As well as asking any questions you may have, we will confirm the following information:

Summary of Fees
Our fee applies when your Company hires any candidate referred by M. Trew and Associates for any position within eighteen months of the initial introduction.  Our Hiring Fee is based on a percentage of the candidate’s starting salary and is negotiable.

Guaranty Terms
All permanent placements are guaranteed for six months from their starting date with your company. In the event a candidate is not needed or a suitable candidate cannot be found, you will be credited with 100% of the invoiced fee.

Payment Terms
Payment is due and payable on with two weeks of the candidate’s start date.
Specializing in the placement of Accounting, Administrative and Brokerage Personnel